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We know that healthy, lasting weight loss is a lifestyle commitment and a process. We’re committed to walking with you on the journey to make sure you have the tools and resources necessary for success! Our all natural approach includes nutrition, weight loss, fitness and exercise to ensure you’re on your way to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that you can enjoy.

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Nutritional Consultation

From Meal Planning to Recipes, we’ll make sure you’re able to meet your healthy lifestyle goals.

Personal Training

We can help you design the perfect workout plan that aligns with you and your current situation.

Weight Loss

Whether you’ve been trying to loose weight for a while or just starting today, we can help you with natural, lasting weight loss.

Working with Melony has been life changing for me. Her knowledge commitment, and encouragement has led me to lose weight, regain energy, feel great and improve my overall health! I have lost 70lbs and reclaimed my health. Why put off getting started on a healthier you? Melony helps you make a smooth transition to reach your health and fitness goals. Call TODAY!

Fran Grey


My name is Melony and I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer. I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds regain and/or improve their health through proper nutrition and fitness programs with weight loss, more energy, less medications and better physical health.

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