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Being introduced to Melony Hoots at Express Workout was a true blessing for me. Melony’s dedication and encouraging spirit helps one stay on track. I lost 34lbs and 9.5 total inches following the program. The doctor was impressed that only after 3 months she took me off my blood pressure medicine and one of my diabetic medications. I would recommend Express Workout to anyone who is wanting to improve their health.

Phil Ingleburger

I have lost 43lbs and 14 3/4 inches with Express Workout’s program. It is a GREAT program! I feel better, have more energy, and learned about how to shop and eat properly. I recommend anyone to seek Melony’s help with losing weight and making a lifestyle change. Melony is great to work with and never too busy to help! Need encouragement and a program that works? Sign up TODAY you will be glad you did.

Linda Ray

I have lost 55lbs and 15.5 inches with her program. I have reduced my blood pressure medication, I feel much better, my clothes fit better, and I feel GREAT! This is a good, easy weight reducing plan. Melony’s commitment, patience, and knowledge has been a driving force for me to reach my goals. Are you a skeptic? You don’t have to be. So START TODAY, it worked for me and it will work for you.

Joe Ray

Working with Melony has been life changing for me. Her knowledge commitment, and encouragement has led me to lose weight, regain energy, feel great and improve my overall health! I have lost 70lbs and reclaimed my health. Why put off getting started on a healthier you? Melony helps you make a smooth transition to reach your health and fitness goals. Call TODAY!

Fran Gray

Melony is a great personal trainer! She began working with me August 1, and I am so excited with my results to date. I actually look forward to going to Workout Express and Melony keeps me striving for higher goals and accomplishments. The gym is clean, private, and very professional.

Laura Fisher

Melony’s dedication and knowledge have been a driving force behind helping me achieve my personal Fitness Goals. She keeps my workouts fresh and Never boring, and is Always the Great Motivator. I highly recommend her for your Personal Trainer. Thanks Mel.

Sandra Phelps

Melony does a great job making you feel comfortable and spending time with you one on one! Her program really works and is not a diet. It is a healthy eating and exercise program that will change your life style and it is custom designed for each individual. You are not dumped in a room with gym equipment and left on your own. It is you and your personal trainer working at your level, Melony watches you diet and adjusts it, as needed, for maximum weight loss and nutrition. A co-worker started two weeks ago and she has already lost 16 lbs., has lowered her blood sugar and has eliminated her stomach problems. I have now come on board and Melony is working with me on the foods that I can digest that will build my protein intake. Melony has a great program and, best of all, has made it affordable for anyone to have a “Personal Trainer”!

Bev Mourer-Berry

I started with Melony in January of 2016, I lost 27 lbs by May. Couldn’t have done it without her! She does a great job letting you know what to eat and how to keep losing. I also do the workout with her, one on one has been great, I have so much more energy than I used to have and feel great! Thanks Melony!

Nancy Bryan Jernigan

Melony is an awesome trainer! She is extremely knowledgeable, always has a plan for your workout, and you have her undivided attention while working out. If you want to get into shape and lose weight, Melony is the professional to help you meet your goals.

Brenda Hatcher

”Only after 5 weeks I have lost 23lbs and 6 1/2″. I was able to eliminate my medications for diabetes and blood pressure. My energy level has dramatically increased. I feel better overall. I would highly recommend her program.”

Bob Payne

”I joined the weight loss and fitness program because I had gained a lot of weight in nursing school and had gotten lazy. After 8 weeks I lost 23 lbs, 12 inches and went from a size 12 to a size 8 ! I’m stronger, look better and feel great ! I highly recommend this program”

Jessie Morrow

Graeme – 74 pounds

Janet – 32 pounds

Through our nutrition and customized fitness programs they are getting optimal results and reaching their goals. Start your journey today!