Private Indoor Fitness Center

Stay safe and healthy, while working hard to achieve your goals.

Ready to reach your goals? Working one-on-one is the best way to ensure your success! Melony has the expertise to serve you and the facility to provide everything you need to to map out a plan just for you.
Nervous about being in the gym with strangers all around? You won’t have to worry about that at Express Workout. Melony’s gym is safe, clean and equipped for you. You do not have to stress over what other people think! Instead you can focus on working the plan Melony has designed for you and celebrate the results as you check goals off the list.

Exercises that Work for you

We use a combination of exercises to ensure results and obtain your fitness goals such as calistenics, flexibility, machines, compound and resistance training along with circuit, hiit, core and strenghtening exercises.

Safety & Security

You can feel safe knowing that you are in a controlled enviornment where you will have an indiviual customized fitness program that takes into consideration you rcurrent situation, medical restrictions and aligns it with your lifestyle for safe outcomes and better results.

Expert Care

Get the care you deserve in a safe gym enviroment from a professional. Melony has the knowlege and experience to design a custom plan for you and your unique situation.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer with a Private Fitness Center

Individual Focus

You’re center of attention and your success is what matters most.


Your personal trainer can help you stay on track. Meeting regularly, will ensure you’re working the plan effectively.

Personal Relationship

You’re not just a scan card and an electronic financial transaction. Your personal trainer get to know you, your story and what you need to succeed.


Know the “why” behind what you’re doing. You’ll learn the importance and reason behind each part of the plan, so you can learn how to care for yourself.

Work on your Weaknesses

In a crowded gym you might be hiding some weaknesses, but a personal trainer will make sure the appropriate attention is spent helping round those out too!

Avoid Injuries

Working with a personal trainer in a private gym will ensure you use the right equipment at the right times, so you don’t hurt yourself.

Laser Focused-Faster Results

Working with a personal trainer, through your personal diet and/or exercise plan will help you reach your goals and equip you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Form Good Habits

Whether training for a race or changing your lifestyle, your personal trainer can help make sure everything you do, including diet and exercise is safe and healthy for you.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Today’s a great day to take a step in the direction you want to go! Whether you’ve been trying to manage your health for a long time and need some help or today is the day of your new beginning, let us help you!