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Get in shape anytime and anywhere!

Our new at home workouts and diet plans allow you to reach your health goals on your schedule.

Services We Offer

Regardless of where you are currently at in life, we can build a plan to work for you! We will incorporate fitness, nutrition and weight loss into an overall lifestyle change. We won’t offer pills or fad diets, but we will work with you to help you get the results you want!

Weight Loss

Affordable, Healthy and Natural

Our weight loss program includes:

  • Weekly Sessions
  • Weekly Blood Pressure readings
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Learn How to Purchase Food
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Educational Materials
  • Recipes
  • 6 months FREE monthly maintenance appointments (optional)

Nutritional Consultations

Helping You Make Healthy Choices at the Table

We’re available to help meal plan, discuss food choices and how they affect your body, offer support and nutritional information if have any health conditions that impact the way you should be eating, such as:

  • Gastric or lap band Guidance/Assistance
  • Diverticulitis Guidance/Assistance
  • Oxalate Plans
  • Regular Nutritional Support

Personal Training


We offer one-on-one sessions based on your individual needs, regardless of your age or fitness level! Regardless of medical restrictions, we’ll work with your situation to help you achieve your goals and enjoy a better quality of life. Have you had a knee or hip replacement? Previous surgery?  Arthritis? No worries! We’ll help you create a plan that works for you!

Detox Programs

Simple and All Natural

We offer detox solutions to help you cleanse your body! You don’t have to buy products or pills. We offer:

  • 10 Day Detox Meal Plans
  • 30 Day Detox Meal Plans
  • Detox Shakes
  • and More!

Metabolism Boosting Nutrition Plan

No Workout Involved

This Nutrition plan is a structured, short term plan to put your metabolism back into fat burning mode. Eating certain foods at certain time can increase your metabolism. Metabolism, if increased would result in a gradual weight loss and permanent weight loss may also be achieved as well.

Benefits of Strength Training

Types include: Body Weight, Resistance Tubing, Free Weights and Weight Resistance Equipment.
  1. Builds Strong Bones
  2. Reduces Fall Injury
  3. Maintain Weight
  4. Builds Lean Muscle
  5. Improves Mental Health
  6. Ease Arthritis Pain
  7. Improves Heart Health
  8. Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  9. Improves Sleep

Being introduced to Melony Hoots at Express Workout was a true blessing for me. Melony’s dedication and encouraging spirit helps one stay on track. I lost 34lbs and 9.5 total inches following the program. The doctor was impressed that only after 3 months she took me off my blood pressure medicine and one of my diabetic medications. I would recommend Express Workout to anyone who is wanting to improve their health.

Phil Ingleburger

Ready to get Started?

If you’re ready to be a happier and healthier you, we’re ready to help! You won’t be alone and you’ll have everything you need to succeed!