You’ve been working hard to lose weight and you want to keep it off for good. These tips will help ensure that you’re successful:

  1. Add food back slowly – one common mistake people make when they reach their goal is to start introducing all the foods they weren’t eating during the weight-loss phase. Eventually, people fall back into their old eating habits.
  2. Keep exercising – don’t think that just because you’ve reached your goal weight exercise no longer serves a purpose. Physical activity accounts for 15 – 30% of your total daily caloric expenditures. Maintain your weigh without slashing more calories, stay consistent.
  3. Practice mindful eating – An easy mindful eating strategy you can use to help you gauge when to eat and when to stop is a simple 1-10 hunger scale. 1 indicates starvation while 10 signals extreme fullness. Aim to eat 3-4 on scale (your stomach is graveling and you start to feel a dip in energy) and stop when you reach 6-7 (you are satisfied but not uncomfortable).
  4. Track food twice a week – This is one of the first habits to go. Track one day during the week and on during the weekend, as our eating habits tend to be different throughout the week. If you need a break from inputting your meals take a picture.

If you have any questions or need some additional help, that’s why we’re here! Don’t hesitate to reach out!