Here’s what you need to know

Refined white sugar – refined white sugar is completely stripped of all nutritional value, and provides only empty calories. 65% of white sugar is made from GMO sugar beets.

Brown Sugar – Commercial brown sugar is nothing more than refined white sugar with some molasses added for color and flavor. Don’t be fooled by the color or claims.

Evaporated Cane Juice – Made from sugarcane vs sugar beets. It is less refined and therefore retains more color, flavor and nutrients from sugar cane.

Raw Organic Cane Sugar – less processed than white sugar and still contains some of the original nutrients present in cane juice such as amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Remember it is still sugar and should be consumed in minimal amounts.

Coconut Sugar – harvested from the sap of the plant through a very natural process of extracting the juice. One of the most sustainable methods of sugar production. It contains a better percentage of fructose than other sugars listed.