Aside from reducing kidney function by 30%, diet soda impacts your body in many other ways, too.
  1. DEPRESSION Drinking more than 4 cans a day of soda is linked to a 30% higher risk of depression.
  2. KIDNEY DAMAGE Long term soda drinking causes a 30% greater reduction in kidney function.
  3. WEIGHT GAIN & METABLOIC MAYHEM Diet soda drinking =
  • 30% higher risk of metabolic syndrome
  • 67% higher risk of type 2 diabetes
  1. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE Daily diet soda drinking raises risk of
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
Regardless of other factors like:
  • Smoking
  • Sodium Intake
  • Weight
  • High Cholesterol
  1. TOOTH EROSION Popular diet and sugared sodas are nearly as corrosive to dental enamel as battery acid.