These foods alter the focus of your metabolism and can cause:Peanut Butter Jar

  •  Weight gain
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Digestive issues

These foods are often labeled as “Health Foods”.

  1.  Fruit Juice – Fruit juice, including most apple, orange, and grape juice, is basically chemically laden sugar water. Processing of apple juice removes all of the fiber. Then they add sugar, food coloring and flavoring. Forms of sugar hide under names – corn syrup, fructose raw sugar, brown sugar, or juice concentrate.
  2. Canola Oil – If you use canola oils, it is sure to slow down fat loss efforts and cause you to store unwanted body fat. 90% of canola oil is Genetically Modified (GMO), they are hard wired with pesticides that cause cellular toxicity.
  3. Peanut Butter – It can kill gut health. Peanuts are grown in the soil and stored in moist silos which cause them to grow a type of fungus called Aflatoxins. Also, peanuts are high in omega-fatty acids, which cause serious inflammation to the body.
  4. Granola – This health food contains honey which is a major cause of weight gain. The combination of gluten, phytic acid and processed honey, is what makes this treat lethal to metabolism and diet goals.
  5. Artificial Sweeteners – This is the most deceiving. Artificial sweeteners tell the lie that you can satisfy sweetening with no calories, no guilt, and thinner waistline. Aspartame is linked to 92 adverse health effects.
    The MESA study evaluated the effect of diet soda consumption on rates of obesity, found that the consumption of just one diet soda per day increased the risk for increased waist circumference and weigh gain.