As I am sure you’ve heard – having a protein shake can be extremely beneficial. Not only can it provide great nutrition, but also it’s been shown to help us control our appetite better over the course of the day.

 On top of that, protein shakes are ultra-convenient especially if you’re dealing with kids or generally have to rush out of the door in the morning. Unfortunately, there are a lot of REALLY, REALLY bad proteins out there.

Most protein powders that you’ll find in stores are terrible for you. They include a lot of garbage ingredients on the actual label. Some of these protein companies were investigated and found that they only had 50% of the protein they claimed it had. If they are misleading people by 50% – you can only imagine what other things these companies might be hiding.

 Make sure they are minimally processed, free from gluten, diary, soy, artificial ingredients, sugar and non-GMO.

 Real ingredients – no “natural flavors” and Paleo approved.