1. Determine your why.achieve health and fitness goals
    Your whey is the core reason that energizes you to keep pushing forward to hit your goals.
    Internal motivation – why do I want this? And what are the consequences of me not achieving these goals?
    External motivation – this type is associated with being able to fit into those slimmer jeans or having a leaner physique.
    Figuring out you why and constantly reminding yourself of it will motivate you to pursue your goals when things get difficult.
  2. Simplicity is key.
    With all the diet trends and fitness crazes, it can be over whelming and impossible to stick to just one diet and fitness regimen.
    Try not to fall into the hype and jump from one trend to the next!
    It’s important to stick to just one diet plan and workout regimen.
  3. Set realistic and specific goals.
    Make sure you are crystal clear with what it is you want to achieve.
    An example of a bad goal is “I want to lose a lot of weight”.
    A better more specific goal would be “I want to lose 15 pounds by April by sticking to my nutrition plan and exercising 3 times a week”.
  4. Prioritize your goals.
    It’s extremely important to make yourself a priority once you have set a goal (and wrote it down), you should not let anything that isn’t an emergency get the way.
    Do not use family or friends as an excuse for eating unhealthy or skipping a gym session.

TIP: Many high achievers will chase their goals first thing in the morning. If you find yourself letting life get in the way of your goals, try to wake up an extra hour early.