20 million people have thyroid disease according to the American thyroid association, and not all of them know it.

1. Search for and identify root causes.
Gut problems are a high on the list of things that can trigger immune reactions against thyroid or an overall sluggish metabolism.

2. Reverse leaky gut and digestive problems.
Certain foods, even without allergies, can exacerbate an immune response against thyroid, diary and gluten specifically can cause issues when leaky gut is present.

3. Get more sleep.
Thyroid can totally mess with sleep. Whether it is a case of insomnia or too much sleep, establishing a healthy sleep routine can begin to rework the brains ability to shut down for sleep.

4. Magnesium.
Magnesium is often a nutrient that people are deficient in, and it can be helpful in addressing insomnia when taken before bed.

5. Cut the Stress.
Stress impacts our body in ways we don’t always know, and the thyroid is no exception. Find creative and productive ways to handle them such as exercise, massage and deep breathing.