1. Will exercise alone help you lose weight?
Exercise alone cannot help one get rid of unwanted weight. It alone does not guarantee weight loss but it is one of the better ways to have a healthy weight. 

2. Can one lose weight with diet alone?
A healthy way to lose weight is by following a combination of weight loss exercise and diet. You need to take in less energy (calories) than you expend.

3. Which is effective – moderate activity or intense exercise?
The intensity of your physical activities depends on what your weight loss goals are. If you are sedentary start slow, if you are active and want to lose you can benefit from intense activity. 

4. Can diet sodas make you gain weight?
Most diet sodas are marketed as a sugar free and no calorie beverage, but studies claim that those who drink diet sodas tend to gain more weight due to the amped up sweetness of artificial sugars.