Some genes can predispose you to obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and a slew of other problems. But here’s a really great secret: predisposition is not predestined.

Wash your Genes:

  1. Dial in your diet:
    Poor food choices not only impact your own genes, they also could affect future generations. You should always focus on real, wholesome foods, the nutrients you get from these support the good genes to work well and help silence the bad ones.

  2. Fit Body, Fit Genes:
    You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet, but exercise is a crucial part of achieving optimal health. The lower fitness activities, the higher risk of death. So working out your body, means working out your genes.

  3. Step up your sleep routine and de-stress:
    Sleep deprivation leads to damaged genes, which explains why lack of sleep makes you fat and leads to depression, pain, heart disease and diabetes. When stressed the body releases hormones called glucocorticoids which can cause changes to DNA.

We have control and we can change our health, from the very deepest part, inside out.